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The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R. by Carole DeSanti

To read an interview with the author, see a schedule of events, and explore other features, visit “Epic times make for epic books. The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R. is both sweeping in scope and painstaking in detail. Eugénie R.’s story, from naïve goose girl to resilient survivor, makes for wonderful, suspenseful reading.”—Karen Joy [...]

Dear Money by Martha McPhee

Introduction In this Pygmalion tale of a novelist turned bond trader, Martha McPhee brings to life the greed and riotous wealth of New York during the heady days of the second gilded age. India Palmer, living the cash-strapped existence of the writer, is visiting wealthy friends in Maine when a yellow biplane swoops down from [...]

Portrait of the Walrus by a Young Artist by Laurie Foos

Portrait of the Walrus by a Young Artist Laurie Foos ISBN:9780156005432 About the book: A “baroque, surreal, and witty” novel (Ms.) about art, bowling, sex, and hairspray. “A mad tale of a mad genius, by a young author who may be a genius herself” (Kirkus Reviews). Discussion Questions: Q. Frances wants to become an artist [...]

The Demon and the Angel by Edward Hirsch

The Demon and the Angel Edward Hirsch ISBN:9780156027441 About the book: A work of art, whether a painting, a dance, a poem, or a jazz composition, can be admired in its own right. But how does the artist actually create his or her work? What is the source of an artist’s inspiration? What is the [...]