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Beautiful Lies by Clare Clark

Reading Group Guide Beautiful Lies By Clare Clark   Discussion Points 1. Why do you think the author chose to open the story with a misdirect—in particular, a charade? What effect did this have on your reading experience? How does it set the tone for the story to come? 2. Initially, for what reasons did [...]

Big Coal by Jeff Goodell

  “[A] compelling indictment of one of the country’s biggest, most powerful, and most antiquated industries . . . well-written, timely, and powerful.” — New York Times “Big Coal should be read by anybody who owns a microwave, or an iPod, or a table lamp, which is to say everyone.” — Elizabeth Kolbert, author of [...]

An American Requiem by James Carroll

  Downloadable Guide for Group Discussion and Classroom Use “Told with integrity and style, this is a moving account of the generational strains of the Vietnam era, and the timeless agonies of fathers and sons.” —The New Yorker In this dramatic, intimate, and tragic memoir, James Carroll recovers a time when parents could no longer [...]