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Beautiful Lies by Clare Clark

Reading Group Guide Beautiful Lies By Clare Clark   Discussion Points 1. Why do you think the author chose to open the story with a misdirect—in particular, a charade? What effect did this have on your reading experience? How does it set the tone for the story to come? 2. Initially, for what reasons did [...]

Accidents of Providence by Stacia Brown

About the Book Accidents of Providence, by Stacia M. Brown, depicts the life of an ordinary woman living in early modern London during the Interregnum, the kind of person often overlooked by the history books and films centered in the period. Even in her own time, Rachel Lockyer is hardly noticed by others: she is [...]

Damascus Gate by Robert Stone

A Note from the Author The idea of writing a book set in Jerusalem came to me when I first saw the city in 1985 after doing a travel article set in Egypt. I returned, and in 1992 visited Gaza and the West Bank and witnessed some of the disorders attendant on the intifada, the struggle [...]

Buddha’s Orphans by Samrat Upadhyay

Introduction Raja and Nilu are fated to fall in love. They’ve both been abandoned—he through his mother’s suicide in the public pond, she through her mother’s constant escape into drink. He has grown up on the streets, she in a crumbling mansion. And yet they find each other again and again. First, when they are [...]

A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism by Peter Mountford

Introduction On his first assignment for a rapacious hedge fund, Gabriel embarks to Bolivia at the end of 2005 to ferret out insider information about the plans of the controversial president-elect. If Gabriel succeeds, he will get a bonus that would make him secure for life. Standing in his way are his headstrong mother, herself [...]

Charity Girl by Michael Lowenthal

  About the Book “Lively and illuminating…[Lowenthal] has accomplished the difficult feat of marrying the facts of history with the details that make a fictional life come alive…nothing short of a gift.” —Anita Shreve, Washington Post Book World About the Author Michael Lowenthal grew up near Washington, D.C., and graduated from Dartmouth College, after which [...]

An Unfinished Season by Ward Just

  Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, winner of the Heartland Prize for Fiction, a New York Times Notable Book, and a Book Sense recommended title About the Book In An Unfinished Season, Ward Just brings us into the secret, shadow life that inhabits family, love, business, and politics in 1950s Chicago. In the small town [...]

Secret Father by James Carroll

  About Secret Father “Splendid . . . [a] dramatically staged political thriller . . . his best novel.” — Boston Globe Secret Father is a classic story of espionage and love, set in the Soviet sector of Berlin during the summer of 1961 — just weeks before the Wall is erected. Michael, Katharine, and [...]

Michelle Obama: An American Story by David Colbert

An in-depth look at the new first lady of the United States of America, and the first African American first lady, Michelle Obama offers a fascinating look at an inspirational and accomplished public figure, beginning with her early years and continuing up through her recent time on the campaign trail with her husband, President Barack [...]