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Accidents of Providence by Stacia Brown

About the Book Accidents of Providence, by Stacia M. Brown, depicts the life of an ordinary woman living in early modern London during the Interregnum, the kind of person often overlooked by the history books and films centered in the period. Even in her own time, Rachel Lockyer is hardly noticed by others: she is [...]

Beyond Religion by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

In his latest book, His Holiness the Dalai Lama proposes a system of secular ethics to fit the demands of the modern world. With respect for religious and global diversity and careful observance of the benefits of religious faith, he calls for us to move beyond religion in order to cultivate a universal system of [...]

Damascus Gate by Robert Stone

A Note from the Author The idea of writing a book set in Jerusalem came to me when I first saw the city in 1985 after doing a travel article set in Egypt. I returned, and in 1992 visited Gaza and the West Bank and witnessed some of the disorders attendant on the intifada, the struggle [...]

Mr. Wroe's Virgins by Jane Rogers

  Questions for Discussion We hope the following questions will stimulate discussion for reading groups and provide a deeper understanding of Mr. Wroe’s Virgins for every reader. 1. Why are we shown the same events from four different points of view? How do the different voices and perspectives of Leah, Joanna, Hannah, and Martha help [...]

Wild Decembers by Edna O'Brien

  • A National Bestseller & a Book Sense ’76 Title “A page-turning narrative . . . as wildly beautiful and windswept as the country of her fiction.” —Elle “O’Brien is a storyteller, an Irish storyteller, one of an ancient tradition of storytellers, people who tell the truth.” —Thomas Cahill, Los Angeles Times Book Review [...]

God: Stories by C. Michael Curtis

  “A provocative and delightful tour through the varieties of religious experience. It will be of use to anyone who is interested in exploring the ways in which the human imagination contends with the spirit-charged riches of ordinary life.” —Kathleen Norris, author of The Cloister Walk and Dakota “A book of revelation, far better than [...]

Faith: Stories by C. Michael Curtis

  About the Book Chosen by the esteemed fiction editor of The Atlantic Monthly, the stories in this anthology of short fiction present readers with the world of faith in all its guises. Here are tales rooted in Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Quaker, and Confucian beliefs, as well as Jewish and Christian ones. From James A. [...]