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Blue Asylum by Kathy Hepinstall

Introduction Amid the mayhem of the Civil War, Virginia plantation wife Iris Dunleavy is put on trial and convicted of madness. It is the only reasonable explanation the court can see for her willful behavior, so she is sent away to Sanibel Asylum to be restored to a good, compliant woman. Iris knows, though, that [...]

Womenfolks by Shirley Abbott

  “Wonderful and important.” — Pat Conroy “Regardless of where we are born, Womenfolks gives us the courage and energy to ask who we really are.” — Boston Globe About the Book In a captivating tribute to the mothers and daughters of the South, Shirley Abbott combines personal memoir with meditation on family, myth and [...]

Seek the Living by Ashley Warlick

  “[A] gemlike novel about a Southern family . . . Original and surprising on page after page, it is a gift of language from an extraordinary writer.” — Raleigh News & Observer About the Book Set in the new South, Seek the Living is a beautiful novel about the allegiances within families — the [...]

The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall

  Questions for Discussion 1. The Wind Done Gone is a novel written in the form of a first-person diary. How would you describe Cynara’s voice? How does her language evolve over the course of the book? 2. Mammy is a very complex character: a lover, friend, mother, nurse, and possible murderer. To whom does [...]

Taps by Willie Morris

  Questions for Discussion 1. Taps opens with this description of Fisk’s Landing: “The hills came sweeping down from their hardwood forests and challenged the flatness, mingling with it in querulous juxtaposition” (p. 1). How is landscape, particularly the relationship between the flatlands and the hills, important to the story? How are the characters shaped [...]

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

  About The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter When The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers’s literary debut, was first published by Houghton Mifflin, on June 4, 1940, the twenty-three-year-old author became a literary sensation virtually overnight. The novel is considered McCullers’s finest work, an enduring masterpiece that was chosen by the Modern Library [...]