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Norwegian by Night by Derek Miller — Discussion Guide

Introduction A captivating debut novel, Norwegian by Night is by turns a pulse-pounding thriller and a luminous meditation on fate. Grudgingly leaving New York to move in with his granddaughter and her new husband in Norway, widower Sheldon Horowitz grapples with memories of loss, from the unspeakable scenes he witnessed as a Marine sniper in [...]

The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R. by Carole DeSanti

To read an interview with the author, see a schedule of events, and explore other features, visit “Epic times make for epic books. The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R. is both sweeping in scope and painstaking in detail. Eugénie R.’s story, from naïve goose girl to resilient survivor, makes for wonderful, suspenseful reading.”—Karen Joy [...]

The Maid by Kimberly Cutter

Introduction   The girl who led an army, the peasant who crowned a king, the maid who became a legend It is the fifteenth century, and the tumultuous Hundred Years’ War rages on. France is under siege, English soldiers tear through the countryside destroying all who cross their path, and Charles VII, the uncrowned king, [...]

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien Reading Group Guide Introduction They carried malaria tablets, love letters, twenty-eight-pound mine detectors, dope, illustrated Bibles, each other. And if they made it home alive, they carried unrelenting images of a nightmarish war that history is only beginning to absorb. The Things They Carried is a classic work [...]

While They're At War by Kristin Henderson

  About the Book “Kristin Henderson . . . gives us the truth from the homefront in While They’re at War, a revealing and nonpartisan look at the military families behind the headlines. Fair warning: Even the joyful reunions can make you cry.” — Parade In this honest and heart-rending account, Kristin Henderson brings to [...]

Taps by Willie Morris

  Questions for Discussion 1. Taps opens with this description of Fisk’s Landing: “The hills came sweeping down from their hardwood forests and challenged the flatness, mingling with it in querulous juxtaposition” (p. 1). How is landscape, particularly the relationship between the flatlands and the hills, important to the story? How are the characters shaped [...]

Charity Girl by Michael Lowenthal

  About the Book “Lively and illuminating…[Lowenthal] has accomplished the difficult feat of marrying the facts of history with the details that make a fictional life come alive…nothing short of a gift.” —Anita Shreve, Washington Post Book World About the Author Michael Lowenthal grew up near Washington, D.C., and graduated from Dartmouth College, after which [...]

The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies

  About the Book “Beautifully realized…This novel will haunt the reader long after closing the book.” —Oregonian Questions for Discussion We hope the following questions will stimulate discussion for reading groups and provide a deeper understanding of The Welsh Girl for every reader. 1. The concept of cynefin is essential to the life and livelihood [...]

Secret Father by James Carroll

  About Secret Father “Splendid . . . [a] dramatically staged political thriller . . . his best novel.” — Boston Globe Secret Father is a classic story of espionage and love, set in the Soviet sector of Berlin during the summer of 1961 — just weeks before the Wall is erected. Michael, Katharine, and [...]

The Optimists by Andrew Miller

The Optimists Andrew Miller ISBN:9780156030557 About the book: Clem Glass was a successful photojournalist, firm in the belief that photographs could capture truth and beauty. Until he went to Africa and witnessed the aftermath of a genocidal massacre. Clem returns to London with his faith in human nature shattered and his life derailed. Nothing-work, love, [...]